World’s only custom fit water floats!

 H2Ohs-Connex by FLOATEEZ Brands is the World’s ONLY custom fit water float! You can build fun structures and connect our floats for hours of fun! H2Ohs-Connex stands alone from all other flotation devices featuring INNOVATIVE oval construction and an inter-connecting expandable design. H2Ohs-Connex is designed to be an affordable, functional, expandable water float without any dangerous parts, ropes, plastic connectors or hassles. H2Ohs-Connex is the ULTIMATE new way of interacting in or around any body of water!

How do use H2Ohs?


“super fun and kids can be so creative…”


Teacher, Aug. 11, 2018

“they’re more different than regular pool noodles, pool noodles don’t have any holes… cuz it’s not so boring and you can build!”


7 yrs. old, Aug. 20, 2015

“these things sell like crazy in the summer time…”


Store Manager, Jun. 6, 2016

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