What are H2Ohs!?

H2Ohs-Connex by FLOATEEZ Brands is the world’s ONLY custom fit water float.  You can build fun structures and connect our floats for hours of fun!  H2Ohs-Connex stands alone from all other flotation devices featuring innovative oval construction and an inter-connecting expandable design.  H2Ohs-Connex is designed for a purpose: to be an affordable, functional, expandable water float, without any additional dangerous parts, ropes, plastic connectors or hassles.  H2Ohs-Connex is more than just a flotation device – it’s the ULTIMATE new way of interacting in or around any body of water!

How do you use them?


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Eco-friendly foam — made from recycled material.

UV Additives

Lasts longer

Won’t fade

Assemble in water

Patent pending – Made in the USA.

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